Cizhou Vessel

Item #: 4379

Date: Yuan Dynasty (271-1368 CE)

Medium: Glazed Stoneware

Size: 14 ½” H x 15 ½" Dia

Description: This rendition of Cizhou ware is possibly Song Dynasty (circa 960 – 1279 CE) but was most likely created during the early Yuan Dynasty (1271 -1368 CE), founded by Kublai Kahn, grandson of Genghis Kahn. While much of the production of this type off ware was rather coarse in both decoration and firing, however, it is acknowledged that the finer examples are very similar to the quality of fine Ding ware. Most of the Cizhou ware was produced in Hebei, but other kilns in areas such as Henan and Shanxi have been found. This appealing vessel has decorations that are indicative of a skilled artisan having created it. Even though the subject is a traditional one, dragon and phoenix, it has been rendered in a very free and bold manner but with enough precision to tell us of the refined artistic talents of the painter.

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