TK Asian Antiquities has been a dealer, researcher, and consultant in antique and ancient Asian art for several decades. As well as having acquired one of the largest collections of ancient Chinese artifacts in the world over the past 30 years, TK’s staff has made hundreds of exploratory trips to China’s museums, warehouses, dealers, collections and archaeological sites. A product of these endeavors is that TK has developed extensive on-site scientific research, conservation and restoration facilities at the main office in Williamsburg, Virginia. TK's second U.S. gallery which carries a representative example of our inventory is located in the prestige Fuller Building at 57th Street and Madison Ave in Manhattan, NY. TK Asian Antiquities is continuing its quest to both educate and delight our friends, ourselves, and all who wish to participate in these exciting fields. In pursuing our goals, we have acquired one of the finest staffs of researchers and restorers in the USA, and we have also formed relations with exceptional scientists and scholars around the world, in the field of archaeometry.